Taleem Al Hadith Course for Men


  • Translation and Explanation (Selected Aayaas and Surahs)
  • Hadith/ Hadith Sciences
  • Muslim Creed
  • Islamic Anthropology
  • Islam and Science
  • Shariah and Law


This is an evening course, spread over a period of 6-months. The classes are three days a week; Wed – Fri, from 6:00pm to 9:30pm.Classes are held on campus.

Curriculum Details


Selected Surahs and Aayaas

This course aims at making students understand Surahs of the Quran that are used in daily practice. The students are taught word-to-word translation, tafseer of the verses, and Tajweed (proper pronunciation).

Islamic Anthropology

After the death of our last Prophet (SAWW), Sahabah (companions of the Messenger PBUH) carried his legacy along with their historical contributions in the preservation of the Deen. This subject covers the rise and fall of all of the Messenger’s followers in a chronological order up until the present condition of Ummat e Muslimah.

Islam and Science

This subject addresses the relationship between Islam as a religion and its teachings vis-a-vis proof of Allah’s existence and His Oneness through science. Muslim scientists and scholars developed a spectrum of viewpoints regarding the place of scientific learning within the context of Islam. In today’s world, we try to perceive everything through scientific proofs. This subject helps the students to get a better understanding of Qur’an in light of modern scientific facts that support Quranic sciences.

Sharia and Law

Sharia Law is a system of several laws based on the Quran, Hadith, and centuries of debate, and interpretation. As a legal system, Islam’s Sharia law covers a wide range of subjects. This course explains the terminologies of Sharia and modern law, compares modern law that is in practice today to Islamic Law, and discusses the shortcomings as well as effects of modern law.